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Summer Reading Incentive

Reading is fun,
Reading is cool.
If I could choose,
I’d read by a pool.

No clue where that came from. Sorry. 🙂

So, I need a little help this summer keeping my girls reading on track. We need a little “Sustained Silent Reading” as Ramona would say. Ok, ok, D.E.A.R if you’re Miss Whaley. (Can you tell which book we’re reading together right now?)

SO, I’m super excited to use the really fun printables my friend told me about (Hi Christy!).

HowDoesShe Reading BINGO

Click the photo to go to my pin or you can check out the original post here. I was a little disappointed I had to register to be able to get the printables, who wants more emails? Not this girl. But, I’m glad I did because I really love this.

Short version, the BINGO sheet has a bunch of fun places or ways to read for a set time (20 minutes in our case) and when you do one of them, you mark it off. Each time you get a BINGO, you get a coupon that has a predetermined prize on it. Say, 15 extra minutes of playing outside or an ice cream treat. Then, when you fill in the entire sheet, you earn The Golden Ticket! (Please tell me you also immediately think of Charlie and The Chocolate Factory whenever you hear Golden Ticket?) And the Golden Ticket should be the prize of all prizes. We’re still deciding ours. 🙂

I showed it to my girls and they love the idea. I can’t wait to get started!

Do you need some help keeping your kid’s noses in books this summer? Perhaps you can stop into your local library to get some good tips or do a quick Google search and see if there are any fun programs in your area!

Happy Reading!