Moving Along in the Master Bathroom

Projects seem to take us forever around here.

The speed at which Young House Love hammers out projects (see what I did there? har har) always amazes me. I know, I know, it’s their JOB and we have other jobs and responsibilities, but I wish we could get things wrapped up a bit faster. What I am showing you today isn’t even a totally finished space. But, we have made progress so a big thumbs up to us!

Alright bloggy friends, I need your help. Remember when I asked your opinion on shower curtains? Well, we eliminated one right away and for a very good reason. I could see a lion face in it…

shower curtain 2

Do you see it?! Our oldest daughter saw it right away without any prompting. As I type this I sort of see a dragon too. ha ha

Anyways, you will notice in the following updated photos I have the other two shower curtains making appearances. I like them both for different reasons and would love input on which one works better overall. So, please leave me some comments all you smart people!

Just for a reminder, here is where we started:

master bathroom before

And here it the work in progress today:


SO? Which shower curtain??

I like the softness of #1 because the water closet has a softer feel to it and I think the lighter print of the curtain helps balance the brighter wall color. BUT, I LOVE the print of curtain #2. But, I am not sure it works as well with what I have going on in the water closet, which I love.

There are parts of this room I love:
Board and Batten
-Wall colors – Eddie Bauer Linden and Martha Stewart Chinchilla (links for color ref only)
Mirror Frame
-Towel Hooks – we bought them from Lowes and I can’t seem to locate them online. Here is a photo for reference. Simple, but I like them.IMG_6883

And then there are other areas that are still on the to-do and wish list:
-Wall decor and accessories
-Solution for hand towels
-New rugs
-I would LOVE to change the flooring. The tan/brown tones are throwing everything off (this is a wish, not currently on the to-do list)
-Light fixtures. There is large boob light in there. Nuf said.
-And a BIG to-do that I can’t wait to get on is this:IMG_6867

I love this window and the view of the backyard. I don’t love that it gives the neighbors and anyone walking the trail behind our house a large view into our bathroom. HELLO!

What’s so stylishly covering the window right now is a shower curtain tension rod and some old white curtains. I know, you want to pin that photo. Go ahead, I’ll wait…

I’m leaning towards a bamboo/woven shade (with privacy backing) to add some texture into the room and to tie the color of the stained vanity into another place. It would also be nice to tie in some yellow like I have with the grey in the water closet. Decision, decisions. I would LOVE your ideas and advice!

Alright…this is turning into a novel. Let me know about the shower curtains and any ideas you have for window treatments! I love to hear from you!


To Share or Not To Share

Our girls have their own rooms.

Well, they sort of have their own rooms.

I think our youngest has been sleeping in her big sister’s room since November. Bunk beds are fun and we have gone from bunking up on the weekends for fun to a full-time sleeping situation. They love it and back in November having them sleep in the same room put a stop to the little one coming into our room at night. What can I say, I like sleeping without a small child elbowing me and smacking me in the face while she sleeps. How do such small people take up SO much room?

They have recently been calling it “their” room and asking about turning the other bedroom into a playroom. I like them sleeping in the same room because there is something comforting about having them together. (Anyone else relate to that?) But I am sort of on the fence about an official move to a shared room because I don’t know what to do with the other bedroom!

They are only 8 and 5, so a playroom of sorts still makes sense. And, since we are a homeschool family, they do spend a lot of time playing together and having a space all their own would get a lot of use. But does it make sense to have a playroom up with all the bedrooms? This is an example of what I like to call first-world problems. 🙂

What would you do? Should I have “project playroom” in my future?

Playroom colorful

Playroom vintage



Playroom stage

Backyard Landscaping – Part 3

Alright, let’s finish this up, shall we?

You saw where we started:


And what things were like with the project in process:


(I actually forgot to share this photo yesterday – ta-da!)

So let’s take a look at how things ended up when it was all said and done. We’ll start with the view from up on our deck so you can see the big picture.

Once all the boulders were placed, the entire area was finished with edging and then we spread yards upon yards of mulch. It’s a deep brown color and I love how it looks against the trees. Won’t it be fantastic when grass has filled the lower and side areas?


Looking a bit more to the right…


In this last picture, you can see the three new trees we had planted as well as one that still needs to be moved to another part of the yard.


The two larger, leafy trees to the right are Serviceberry trees. They are really common for our zone and will flower with white flowers in the Spring. They have really pretty, small, oblong leaves in the summer and the trees themselves are full and lush. I’m thankful to have them against all the pines for a change in texture and color.

You can’t really see it in the photo very well, but centered between and in front of the Serviceberrys is a Crabapple tree that was given to us as a housewarming gift by my Mr’s brother and wife. SOOOO thoughtful and touching. It has gorgeous purple flowers in the Spring and I can’t wait to watch it grow along with the others. I’m excited to see how all three trees show this year for their first Spring in our yard!

That medium size pine over to the left needs a new home. He will probably be moving back into that open area to help fill it in a bit.

Ok, time for some closeups!


This is to the left of the stairs. In addition to the plants I split and transplanted from my old garden, I planted over 40 new perennials throughout the entire landscaping and I have literally said prayers about them being happy and ready to grow and bloom this Spring. I am SO EXCITED when I imagine all of these plants after a few seasons of growing and getting established.

You can see how I planted at the very top of the wall, within the wall, and then at the base. I love the layers and am excited to play with different styles of plants to have it really fill in with a lot of different textures and colors.


This is the same area, looking straight on. Hello pretty flowers – come back soon, ok?


This is to the right of the stairs. I want to reach into the photo and pet those flowers. “Please oh please come back this Spring. You’re so PRETTY!!”

We did spread grass seed and have a small amount of grass there now. It will need to be done a few more times to get it looking nice. How I wish we could lay sod and have lush grass right away! THAT would be awesome – and expensive! 🙂

So there you have it! Our backyard landscaping as of last summer. Pretty fun to see it go from this:

Backyard Sketch

To this:


Remember, if you’re in our area and have a project in your yard where you need some professionals, we recommend Murray Landscaping.

We will be working out there a lot this Spring and Summer and I’ll be sharing our progress and projects along the way!

Backyard Landscaping – Part 2

When we last left off in our adventure, we had set aside our shovels, rakes and mini rototiller and called in the big guns. Using a (pitiful) sketch, the design torch was passed from the amateur to the professionals. Professionals are awesome. So efficient with their fancy Bobcats and lifts and power tools. We worked with Murray Landscaping and I highly recommend them. They do free consultations, their quote was the lowest of the 3 companies I had out, and their work is exceptional.

As a reminder, here is the sketch I did. I know I told the landscape architect and her foreman at least 3 times not to laugh at me before I handed it over.

Backyard Sketch

In a nutshell, we wanted a loose rockwall with plants in between and “built-in” flower beds. Over on the left, about the 1/3 mark of the sketch, are stairs (steps?) that you can use to go from the flatter, grassy area up to the wooded area. You with me?

Remember the area that my Hubby and I tried to tackle ourselves?


Well, the pros are super smart and while they DID have shovels, they also had this:


They might have cleared the entire area in about 16.34 minutes. Bam. Machines are cool.

So, after clearing out all the junk and getting the terraced area pushed back where I wanted it, it was time to start placing the boulders to create our “loose” wall.

IMG_1678 IMG_1684

You can’t tell from the photos, but it was HOT outside. They work hard for their money. So hard for their money. We brought them ice water and big bowls of cut up watermelon during their breaks. And in return, we played on some heavy equipment.


We were so fortunate to have Kelly, the landscape architect, on-site while they worked. She was amazing. She would watch as they placed each boulder and would suggest rotating or flipping them to get just the right angle and placement. It was priceless to have her out there with her designer’s eye ensuring everything was looking great.

After the majority of one side of the wall was in, it was time for the stairs!

IMG_1685 IMG_1687

The crew and I walked up and down those bad boys about a dozen times each. We wanted to be sure they felt natural to use – don’t want anyone misstepping and taking a tumble! I love how they turned out.




Part 3 is coming up and I will show you how we finished it all up!

Friday Brain Dump

I’ve been working hard to lose weight. There is the small matter of a family wedding the first weekend in May and Momma has a dress that’s been hanging in her closet that needs to be worn. If only I could get my thighs in it.

I easily become inconsistent with my workout routine because some days it’s just impossible to fit it in. But, something I really can control is what I put in my mouth. So, I’ve been using the My Fitness Pal app to journal everything I eat and to keep within my target calorie allowance each day. (Don’t have a smart phone or iPad? You can check it out on the web!)

I WAS using the Jillian Michaels Slim Down Solution app because it WAS awesome and I loved the features it USED to have. Translation: I had to delete it from my phone at one point and when I downloaded it again, all the super awesome handy features I LOVED were gone. Want to select that you did Level 3 of 30 Day Shred to track your exercise? Sorry! Can’t do that any longer! Want to scan a barcode to log a food? Sorry! Can’t do that any longer. Now, I am sure that with a handy paid subscription you can, but because I was already enjoying it for free, I don’t to pay. Ok, rant over.

So, I started logging food again on Tuesday. Let’s just say I had a small heart attack when I started adding what I had eaten and saw how fast it added up. Using an app like My Fitness Pal is SO enlightening. It really teaches you to make your calories count. You know that not all calories are created equal, right? So, I’m making better choices and eating less – and I’ve lost weight already. Reality – it’s not going to come off like it has in the past few days and it’s going to take a lot of work to get where I want to be. Darn. In the meantime, for the past day and a half, I feel like I could eat an appetizer of bacon with a meal of anything mexican COVERED in cheese with a dessert of every cake, pie and ice cream I can get my hands on. Hungry much?

Also, I know that technically it’s still Winter where I live, but I am OVER. IT.

Oh, and Daylight Savings this year stinks. I am still trying to recover. The End.

Someone needs to come up with a fancy word that explains the love a mother feels for a child. You know, the kind of love that all at the same time makes your heart feel like it’s going to explode into a million pieces, brings tears to your eyes, makes you want to smooch and hug them until you pull a muscle, and nearly fall down on your knees for the goodness God has shown you by giving you this small person to whom you get to be their mother. Wouldn’t it be cool to have that word and then when you say it, all the other mothers around you go, “ahhhh. Hmm-mmm. I get you.” (Holds fingers up her eyes and points at them and then points at yours.)  All you Greek scholars out there – get on this ok?

So I think blogging is super fun. I think it’s a really great way to be creative and to share your life with others. But, I am totally flabbergasted at the people who do this as their career. For reals? Like, I have a marketing degree and totally get the social network thing, but there are like, what, thousands, or tens of thousands blogs out there? How does one gain the audience to make it their job? Well, I supposed for starters they post more than once a week and about random thoughts floating in their head. 😉 On this note, I felt so elated for Katie when I read this post. She’s been at it for a long time and is really good at what she does. I’m super happy for her.

I’m so glad it’s Friday. Maybe a little rest and fun this weekend will spark some motivation to post a bit more next week. Until then – Happy Weekend everyone!


A bit of nothing…

No, no…I haven’t forgotten about this place. It’s just, it’s hard to write about life sometimes when you’re busy living it. And since this blog is more about sharing what brings me joy and no so much about keeping a posting schedule, I choose to not post. I’d like to say it’s because I am focused on quality over quantity, but it’s probably more of laziness and lack of things to say.

I don’t have any projects to share at the moment – despite the fact there are a few staring me down right now. They aren’t the priority even if I would like to get them finished or even started for that matter. Oh, I am totally loving my laundry basket dresser and so glad we made it.

Can anyone else relate to this? I have been super annoyed with myself. When I tell you why, I’m sure you’ll think it’s as silly as I do when I really give it perspective. The Photo A Day challenge I started in January…it makes me feel like a bad person. Why? Because I just can’t seem to get each day done. And once I miss one, well forget it. And really, why should I feel bad? Is there some rule or law about even participating? It’s supposed to be fun, right? Sometimes it’s just not fun though…sometimes it’s just a big pain in the rear to try to do what the prompt says. I mean, I sometimes don’t remember until I’m in bed and what am I going to to then, get up and go take a great picture of something lucky (day 4 of this month)? These pressures we put on ourselves that are tied to things that shouldn’t even hold any power over us are just plain silly! Am I right? Glad I got that off my chest…

The little one is loving her three half days at school. She is really enjoying her teacher and the other children. On my good days, I feel sad when I drop her off because I think we could have stuck it out, but I can see the bigger picture and know she’s in a great place. We’re getting all caught up or ahead at home and that feels wonderful. We’re already praying through and discussing our plans for next year. Thankfully, nothing has to be decided now.

I guess that’s it…I’ll be working on the 2nd part of our backyard landscaping and will hopefully get that posted this week!