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Pinterest Challenge – Laundry Basket Dresser

Today is the day of the show, y’all! (name that movie)

By the way, if you can name that movie, we’re like long-lost BFFs.

But really, today is the day!


If you’re stopping by via any of the lovely hostess’ sites – Welcome! I’m glad you’re here! Please look around, stay awhile, and come back soon. I’d love it!

SO…I’ve been so excited to show you what the hubs and I came up with for today’s challenge. As soon as I saw the challenge posted by Katie and Sherry, I knew I wanted to join this party. But, deciding what to do wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be. I didn’t want to do something just to do something, ya know? I wanted it to be something I really wanted or needed. As I perused my pins on Pinterest, I realized that a lot of them seemed big picture design-related and nothing was standing out as something I could tackle AND finish before today. I was not feeling inspired. So, I had to do a bit of browsing to find THE project to do. Friday evening, I finally found something that had me excited and I am so glad we went with it.

Laundry Dresser by Ana White

Pretty slick, right? I don’t know about you, but our laundry room was in need of some major organization. Something I love about our laundry room is that it’s on the second floor with the bedrooms. It’s super convenient. BUT, something I don’t love it that it’s really more of a laundry closet than a room. It’s TINY. As we toss dirty laundry in, even if it is into baskets, the floor gets so full you can’t get the door shut. Kind of like this:


Yes, I just showed you our dirty laundry. A picture says a thousand words. We needed the laundry basket dresser…stat.

We used the plans from Ana White’s site as a guide, but we had to switch up the measurements to make it the correct size for our space. We opted to not put a back on the dresser and added 3 support boards instead. It made the entire unit feel less bulky in the tiny room. Lastly, instead of using the metal angle for the basket “hangers” like she suggests, we created the hangers out of leftover boards.

And here’s how it turned out!

Laundry Basket Dresser

I am so happy with it! It’s going to get the dirty clothes off the floor and will keep me organized. You guys, I can easily shut the door! An added bonus is being able to set my laundry supplies on the top which keeps the dryer cleared off for a place to fold clean laundry. Score! Oh, and the top of the dresser needed something cute. No reason not to have something nice to look at while doing one of life’s less than glamorous chores.

Laundry Sign, Laundry Print

Nothing like a good pun to get you in the mood to scrub stains. 🙂

I highly recommend pinning this as a must-do project to give your laundry room some organization. If we can build it – you can too!

Laundry Room

Let me know how you keep your laundry room organized! Do you think a laundry basket dresser could be a good solution for you? If you’re here and a fellow blogger who has linked up to the hostess sites, say hello and give me your link!

If you haven’t, be sure to stop by the hostess’ sites to see what everyone else has been up to!


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Coming to a Blog Near You! The Pinterest Challenge!

Happy Monday everyone! How was your weekend? Hope you had a good one!

We had a great weekend. We managed to do some relaxing and resting, but the hubby and I spent a good chunk of time working on a fun project. I am very excited about what we’ve done and can’t wait to show you on Wednesday. Why on Wednesday? Because this project was born out of the Pinterest Challenge (said in a booming, echoing microphone voice).


What is the Pinterest Challenge you ask? It was created by Katie Bower so that she, along with Sherry, would turn a favorite pin into reality. They have turned the Pinterest Challenge into a super fun link up party complete with awesome blogger hosts.


Megan from The Remodeled Life and Michelle from Decor and The Dog are hosting along with Sherry and Katie. It’s like a big party on the web. A party you can attend in your pjs! A party you don’t even have to be invited to! HA!

If you’re a blogger and want to know the details on how to participate, check out the scoop here or here. The short version is, turn one of your pins on Pinterest into a reality. Blog about it giving credit where credit is due. Link up to all 4 of the lovely hostess’ challenge posts. Take the time to look at what everyone else did and be INSPIRED. Blogging is fun.

I’m going to keep our project a secret until Wednesday, but I will tell you it required multiple trips to Lowes, power tools, and my Hubs to act as carpenter instead of Creative Director which he loves hates and scored him major brownie points.

So, come back on Wednesday! Tell your friends! If you’re a blogger, get busy and link up!

Valentine’s Day Hair

Heart Braid

This is the second year my oldest is wearing this festive heart braid for Valentine’s Day. It’s so cute and it’s really easy!

1. Section the top hair off as you would if you were wearing it half up.
2. Divide that section in two pieces down the middle.
3. Braid each section individually, being sure to keep the braids toward the back of the head. 4. Secure each braid with an elastic.
5. Take one braid and coil it around itself at the top to create one side of the top of the heart. Secure with bobby pins.
6. Repeat step 5 on the other side.
7. Connect the end of both braids with another elastic to make the tail of the heart.
8. Secure with bobby pins where needed.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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