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A Pop of Yellow

I love color.

If someone asks me my favorite color, it is always a hard question for me to answer. I typically reply by asking what am I doing with the color: wearing it? painting with it? decorating with it? where is it going? Then, the person regrets ever asking me and we move on to more interesting topics like Downton Abbey. (Seriously? Who’s with me on this. Seriously?)

Moving on…

While I do love color, I find that my comfort zone for walls, floors and fixture pieces of furniture in the main living areas of my home is to stick with neutrals. I love keeping the bones of a room neutral so that it is easy to play with color accents as the season, the trend or the mood strikes. It is very fun to change up pillows, curtains, accessories and accent furniture to give a room a fresh look and a new feel.

At the moment, one of my favorite pops of color in our house is in our dining room.

Dining Room

This yellow cabinet is such a cheery and lovely pop of color! I love the versatility of this cabinet and can picture it in multiple places in the house. I ordered it from Target and I like that it was an inexpensive way to add some much needed furniture, storage and color to the room. (I just saw that they now have it in a beautiful teal color in addition to the red, black and yellow!) A note about the yellow color: it is a mustardy-yellow, but shows a lot of green depending on the light.


I was pleased to discover that my new cloth napkins I am using for cafe curtains work perfectly to add a little pizzazz on the top of the cabinet and work perfectly to tie together the yellow of the cabinet with the blues in my new potluck bakers set from Crate&Barrel. I love the yellow with the blues and greens. It’s a bright spot in the room for this cold and dreary weather we are having!

So what about you? Do you stick with neutrals and pops of color? Have a favorite color you’re decorating with right now?

Target Windham accent cabinet