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Moving Along in the Master Bathroom

Projects seem to take us forever around here.

The speed at which Young House Love hammers out projects (see what I did there? har har) always amazes me. I know, I know, it’s their JOB and we have other jobs and responsibilities, but I wish we could get things wrapped up a bit faster. What I am showing you today isn’t even a totally finished space. But, we have made progress so a big thumbs up to us!

Alright bloggy friends, I need your help. Remember when I asked your opinion on shower curtains? Well, we eliminated one right away and for a very good reason. I could see a lion face in it…

shower curtain 2

Do you see it?! Our oldest daughter saw it right away without any prompting. As I type this I sort of see a dragon too. ha ha

Anyways, you will notice in the following updated photos I have the other two shower curtains making appearances. I like them both for different reasons and would love input on which one works better overall. So, please leave me some comments all you smart people!

Just for a reminder, here is where we started:

master bathroom before

And here it the work in progress today:


SO? Which shower curtain??

I like the softness of #1 because the water closet has a softer feel to it and I think the lighter print of the curtain helps balance the brighter wall color. BUT, I LOVE the print of curtain #2. But, I am not sure it works as well with what I have going on in the water closet, which I love.

There are parts of this room I love:
Board and Batten
-Wall colors – Eddie Bauer Linden and Martha Stewart Chinchilla (links for color ref only)
Mirror Frame
-Towel Hooks – we bought them from Lowes and I can’t seem to locate them online. Here is a photo for reference. Simple, but I like them.IMG_6883

And then there are other areas that are still on the to-do and wish list:
-Wall decor and accessories
-Solution for hand towels
-New rugs
-I would LOVE to change the flooring. The tan/brown tones are throwing everything off (this is a wish, not currently on the to-do list)
-Light fixtures. There is large boob light in there. Nuf said.
-And a BIG to-do that I can’t wait to get on is this:IMG_6867

I love this window and the view of the backyard. I don’t love that it gives the neighbors and anyone walking the trail behind our house a large view into our bathroom. HELLO!

What’s so stylishly covering the window right now is a shower curtain tension rod and some old white curtains. I know, you want to pin that photo. Go ahead, I’ll wait…

I’m leaning towards a bamboo/woven shade (with privacy backing) to add some texture into the room and to tie the color of the stained vanity into another place. It would also be nice to tie in some yellow like I have with the grey in the water closet. Decision, decisions. I would LOVE your ideas and advice!

Alright…this is turning into a novel. Let me know about the shower curtains and any ideas you have for window treatments! I love to hear from you!


“Window” Shopping

Raise your hand if you like Target.

Raise your hand if you love Target.

Raise your hand if you could spend hours in Target (and probably have).

Raise your hand if every time you go you find a countless number of things you want need.

“I KNOW!” (insert Monica Gellar voice here, please)

Seriously? EVERY. time. Blast you, Target.

On Thursday afternoons, I have a wonderful college girl come watch my girls so I can have some time for myself to do whatever I need/want to do. It’s such a blessing. Highly recommend it. Anyways, I found myself in Target shopping for my daughter’s birthday. I promptly found gifts for her and of course had to meander around the back endcaps to check out the clearance stuff.

Come on, you know what I’m talking about – those addictive little spots with their red tags. LOVE them. I showed great restraint today and was feeling very victorious. However, at the end of the aisle, I came to THE spot that always gets me. I don’t know what it’s called technically, but for the sake of this conversation, we’re going to call it: “The spot that makes you want to redo your house every other month”. Know what I’m talking about? NO? Let me show you a few pictures I snapped…

Target mirror, tray and bird
Love the trellis patterns on the mirror and wooden tray. The tray is much more orange in this photo than in person. It’s more of a coral color. I am kicking myself for not buying that yellow bird…it’s a bank! I don’t think it was supposed to be sitting there. It would be fun to keep on the kitchen counter for a rainy day fund.

Target clock
The clock is fun, but I LOVE those vases! They are handblown glass and wouldn’t they look fantastic grouped together with stems of orange or yellow flowers?! Drool.

Target accent table
These accent tables are really fun. They are quite small, so I pictured using it as a plant stand. They would add a fun industrial feel to some of our more traditional spaces.

Threshold Throw
This is super soft and I love the houndstooth pattern. It’s classic and really a neutral with the black and white. I’ll take two.

How cute are these canisters with their little birdie tops? Oh the things you could put in them.

Chevron Tote
I’m glad chevron seems to be sticking around. Me likey.

Blue accent table
My oldest saw this table last time we were at Target together and said, “Mom, you should get this for your room”. She’s so smart. Train ’em young.

What have you seen at Target recently you would love to take home with you?

A Pop of Yellow

I love color.

If someone asks me my favorite color, it is always a hard question for me to answer. I typically reply by asking what am I doing with the color: wearing it? painting with it? decorating with it? where is it going? Then, the person regrets ever asking me and we move on to more interesting topics like Downton Abbey. (Seriously? Who’s with me on this. Seriously?)

Moving on…

While I do love color, I find that my comfort zone for walls, floors and fixture pieces of furniture in the main living areas of my home is to stick with neutrals. I love keeping the bones of a room neutral so that it is easy to play with color accents as the season, the trend or the mood strikes. It is very fun to change up pillows, curtains, accessories and accent furniture to give a room a fresh look and a new feel.

At the moment, one of my favorite pops of color in our house is in our dining room.

Dining Room

This yellow cabinet is such a cheery and lovely pop of color! I love the versatility of this cabinet and can picture it in multiple places in the house. I ordered it from Target and I like that it was an inexpensive way to add some much needed furniture, storage and color to the room. (I just saw that they now have it in a beautiful teal color in addition to the red, black and yellow!) A note about the yellow color: it is a mustardy-yellow, but shows a lot of green depending on the light.


I was pleased to discover that my new cloth napkins I am using for cafe curtains work perfectly to add a little pizzazz on the top of the cabinet and work perfectly to tie together the yellow of the cabinet with the blues in my new potluck bakers set from Crate&Barrel. I love the yellow with the blues and greens. It’s a bright spot in the room for this cold and dreary weather we are having!

So what about you? Do you stick with neutrals and pops of color? Have a favorite color you’re decorating with right now?

Target Windham accent cabinet

I’ll Take One of Each

I received this in the mail today.


You’re going to want to click on that and browse a bit.

Along with 100 other items, I want the yellow bench that is on the cover. I’m sad that it is $499.00(!). I think I’ll be thrifting to find one to paint that color. I really love yellow right now.

Check back next week to see what I already have in my house that is yellow and to see which item from this inspiration catalog is sitting pretty in my house.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Cloth Napkin Cafe Curtains

Winter has finally arrived in Michigan. We have been walking around singing Christmas songs because looking outside and seeing all the snow, it just seems to make sense. It sure didn’t look like this ON Christmas!

Along with snow, we also seem to have gotten static. A lot of static.Static

We have some wild hairdos over here. It’s makes for really great entertainment when you should be focused on school work.

In other news, I have an easy, inexpensive and no-sew solution for cafe curtains – cloth napkins! My Mom told me this decorating tip and I’m so glad she did. We both use this to dress up the windows over our kitchen sink. I love to use cloth napkins because it’s easy to find stylish and fun prints, patterns and colors to dress up your window or add a festive touch to holiday decor. I can always find napkins I love at Target. What can’t you find at Target? Target, oh how I love thee.

To hang the napkins, I use a tension rod and small drapery clips. Something like these:

InterDesign Cameo Tension Rod - Bronze (Small) Threshold™ Drapery Clip Rings Set - Oil Rubbed Bronze

Today, I picked up these beauties:


I saw this print Monday on the project that Centsational Girl posted. It’s a super fun idea for a tablecloth play tent- you should check it out! As soon as I saw them I knew I had to make a run to Target.

And here’s how my kitchen window looks as of last night!


You really notice the yellow in the photo, but in person, I really notice the shades of blue. I think they are really beautiful!

Have you ever used cloth napkins for curtains? You should!