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Moving Along in the Master Bathroom

Projects seem to take us forever around here.

The speed at which Young House Love hammers out projects (see what I did there? har har) always amazes me. I know, I know, it’s their JOB and we have other jobs and responsibilities, but I wish we could get things wrapped up a bit faster. What I am showing you today isn’t even a totally finished space. But, we have made progress so a big thumbs up to us!

Alright bloggy friends, I need your help. Remember when I asked your opinion on shower curtains? Well, we eliminated one right away and for a very good reason. I could see a lion face in it…

shower curtain 2

Do you see it?! Our oldest daughter saw it right away without any prompting. As I type this I sort of see a dragon too. ha ha

Anyways, you will notice in the following updated photos I have the other two shower curtains making appearances. I like them both for different reasons and would love input on which one works better overall. So, please leave me some comments all you smart people!

Just for a reminder, here is where we started:

master bathroom before

And here it the work in progress today:


SO? Which shower curtain??

I like the softness of #1 because the water closet has a softer feel to it and I think the lighter print of the curtain helps balance the brighter wall color. BUT, I LOVE the print of curtain #2. But, I am not sure it works as well with what I have going on in the water closet, which I love.

There are parts of this room I love:
Board and Batten
-Wall colors – Eddie Bauer Linden and Martha Stewart Chinchilla (links for color ref only)
Mirror Frame
-Towel Hooks – we bought them from Lowes and I can’t seem to locate them online. Here is a photo for reference. Simple, but I like them.IMG_6883

And then there are other areas that are still on the to-do and wish list:
-Wall decor and accessories
-Solution for hand towels
-New rugs
-I would LOVE to change the flooring. The tan/brown tones are throwing everything off (this is a wish, not currently on the to-do list)
-Light fixtures. There is large boob light in there. Nuf said.
-And a BIG to-do that I can’t wait to get on is this:IMG_6867

I love this window and the view of the backyard. I don’t love that it gives the neighbors and anyone walking the trail behind our house a large view into our bathroom. HELLO!

What’s so stylishly covering the window right now is a shower curtain tension rod and some old white curtains. I know, you want to pin that photo. Go ahead, I’ll wait…

I’m leaning towards a bamboo/woven shade (with privacy backing) to add some texture into the room and to tie the color of the stained vanity into another place. It would also be nice to tie in some yellow like I have with the grey in the water closet. Decision, decisions. I would LOVE your ideas and advice!

Alright…this is turning into a novel. Let me know about the shower curtains and any ideas you have for window treatments! I love to hear from you!


Master Bathroom – Mirror Frame

Whew! It’s been a tough week for me and the ole’ blog. The combination of being busy and having a touch of writer’s block when I have had time to write has kept me from getting a post up, but today’s the day! Happy Friday!

It occurred to me yesterday that I still needed to tell you about the mirror frame “Bob Vela” built for our master bathroom. I mentioned it in my paint post and now it’s time to give you the details. I’ve tried to write this about 10 different times. It was a really easy project to do, much easier than trying to explain it for you! I want to tell you about it though because if you have a plain-jane mirror, you should considering framing it in! All 3 of our bathrooms have large builder-grade mirrors. I love the size, but not how they look. So, we got inspired from a variety of places on the web, specifically The House of Smiths framed mirror tutorial and did our thang.

Before building the frame, we had to take a few things into consideration in order to decide 1. the best way to attach the frame to the mirror and 2. how we wanted it to meet up with the board and batten we added on the wall to the left of the vanity/mirror.

master bathroom

As you can see from the above photo, the mirror meets up with the backsplash of the counter top. This meant we were going to have to attach the frame directly to the mirror across the bottom. But should we attach the frame directly to the mirror all the way around? Also, what to do about the clips holding the mirror?

If we attached the frame to the mirror all the way around, the horizontal boards of the board and batten would have had to stretch over the counter a bit to meet up with the mirror. It made everything look very uneven and strange. So we built a base around the 3 sides of the mirror so that everything could line up. I’ll let the next few (horrible iPhone) pictures do the talking.

IMG_2056 IMG_2058


See what I mean? I really hope so because I can’t seem to explain it any better. ha ha The space to the right and left of the mirror were even (thank you builder for centering the mirror) and were the exact same size as the boards we used for the battens. (Aka, we had extra so we had the materials we needed. Hooray!) Aside from making the spacing better, I liked using the base because it made it so we didn’t have to cover up as much of the mirror surface as we would have if we attached it directly to the mirror.

With the base built around it, “Bob” noticed the mirror wiggled in and out a bit when you pushed on it, so this is where we got super fancy. Insert folded cardboard here:


He shimmed it with folded cardboard and now it doesn’t move. Ta-da! (that little piece between the base)

Ok, for the frame itself. It’s built from trim and quarter round. We had to add the quarter round to the trim so that it was wide enough to cover the base and overlap the mirror a bit. I actually prefer it with the quarter round because it added a bit more detail.

IMG_2857 IMG_2858

To make life easier, my man attached the corner round to the trim with liquid nails so he could make clean and even cuts just like he did with the board and batten. Then he cut the 4 sides to size – measure twice, cut once!


Looks good on the floor….not how about on the mirror?


The bottom, which had to be attached to the mirror, got some liquid nails. It was also secured by a few finishing nails on the corners where it overlapped onto the base on the sides. The rest of the pieces are held into place with finishing nails. Oh, and those clips on the mirror? They didn’t end up being a problem. We just put the board right over them. We thought we might have to notch out places for them to fit into the trim, but we didn’t have to!


A little painter’s tape helped us hold pieces in place while we worked our way around. Looking at the above photo, I guess we used liquid nails on the other pieces too. This baby isn’t going anywhere! (The wall color looks like it matches the tape – it doesn’t!)


This is the edge where the frame meets up with the board and batten.

Mirror Frame

And here she is in all her (unpainted) glory! SO much better!! We’re planning to build these for the other 2 bathrooms in the house.

Next step is filling the nail holes and seams and then giving it a finish coat of paint along with the rest of the board and batten. We’re getting closer!!

Master Bathroom – Paint!

Here is what our master bathroom looked like on closing day:

master bathroom soaker tub and window Toilet room

I give it a “B” – for Beige and Boring!

So, the first thing we tackled to give this room some personality is a board and batten wall treatment. It’s still waiting for it’s finishing touches, but it’s up and a major improvement. Below is the “water closet” – is this seriously what you call these? It needs a better name…anyone?

water closet board and batten

Yes, that’s a toilet seat cover. Don’t judge.

After the board and batten was up, I was itching to pick a paint color for the walls, but to me it made the most sense to choose a shower curtain before deciding on the paint. I had been looking for a shower curtain for a couple months and I was having a lot of trouble finding something I liked. I was all over the place with the colors and styles that caught my eye so I knew it was risky to paint the walls and then plan on finding something that matched. I narrowed down the style I wanted and was so excited when I found these shower curtains at Marshalls. I knew one would work! Feel free to still leave me your opinion on that post. 🙂

It was then time to choose the wall color! We lived with this for days:


The greens were never really in the running (although I joked we could be fashion forward and embrace 2013’s Color of the Year). We were both feeling we wanted either a shade of blue or grey.  I’m usually someone who can make a relatively fast decision, but this decision, as a friend says, caused me major “analysis paralysis”. I absolutely love what Jennifer did with her bathroom makeover and I was strongly considering a beautiful shade of grey-blue. But, the more we thought about it and got some opinions, we felt something a bit bolder would be fun.

Linden Blue

Bathroom Linden Blue

The color is called Linden from the Eddie Bauer Home collection at Lowes. It is GORGEOUS in person. I’d say these photos are pretty true to the color in different lighting. When the natural light is gone, it can look a bit more green. It’s definitely a bold choice for us, but I think it’s going to work really well when the room all comes together.

What you see around the mirror is the base for a mirror frame my Mr built. I’m going to share that with you soon!

So, what do you think? What color is your bathroom?

Board and Batten – Master Bathroom

I’ve admired board and batten on Pinterest and on other blogs for the past couple of years and knew it would be a great addition to our master bathroom. The main floor of our house has a great trim package with crown moulding and a more traditional picture box wainscoting in the dining room. Hubs and I read over tutorials here and here and felt it was something we could tackle on our own. This is a HUGE step forward from where we were 3 or 4 years ago when it came to DIY. I’m so glad my man has gained confidence and that we can tackle these projects just the two of us. A warning about the following photos: they are horrible. All were snapped with my phone, at night, in our less than ideally lit bathroom. Forgive me.

After studying the tutorials and looking over our walls, we decided two things:

1. We didn’t need to put up panels to cover the walls because the walls are smooth and only have a thin coat of flat paint – very easy to paint to look like a panel. Priming didn’t even need to be exact, just high enough to land behind the shortest piece of trim that would go up.priming

2. We could work with our existing baseboards because not only are they flat across the top, they are deep enough for the battens to rest on them. This was a huge time and budget saver.

After some measuring and calculating, we picked up the materials and got started. I primed all the boards prior to installation so that everything would have 1 coat of primer once it was all up. We were able to jump right in with the battens because the boards we chose were the height we wanted, so they didn’t require any cuts. Score!


Putting up the battens was fairly easy. Once we decided the spacing and placement, we confirmed it was level and marked the wall so we had a guide. We added liquid nails to the back of each board, lined it up with the mark we made and then stuck it on. Once it was in place, we finished it with trim nails. Not many of them landed in studs and we wanted those bad boys to stay.


We had a few hiccups as we went along (hiccup is DIY’s middle name). You can see from the above photo that with a bit more planning, the three boards could have been shifted to the left allowing that far right batten to end just before the outlet, eliminating the need to trim the board to fit around it. We had actually planned to do it that way, but got a little trigger happy getting started and while we knew the spacing between the battens, we forgot to confirm the space from either end. Oh well, it could have been worse.

The second hiccup was when we went to put the first horizontal board up and discovered that the center batten was a little more than an 1/8 of an inch taller than the other two. This created a teeter-totter effect and larger gaps than we wanted to fill with mud or caulk. So, we did what any DIYer does and got inventive.


Yes, we cut away the excess with a blade. I might have gotten a strange look when my husband found me shaving the board away with his utility knife, but it worked pretty darn well and we ended with high-fives all around when the length was right and we could move on.


We attached the horizontal board with liquid nails and with drywall screws into the studs. We will be attaching hooks for our towels into this board, so we wanted the extra reinforcement.

Next up was adding the trim piece that lays flat to create a small ledge, as well as the inside cove piece we chose to give a more finished look.


upper trim

We assembled these three pieces individually on this section of the wall. Since they require straight cuts, it was easy to get them all to line up. However, as we moved into the smaller, toilet room of our bathroom, we did things a bit differently.

Bathroom corner

toilet room

This room has two corners that needed to be cut at 45 degree angles. We knew it would be a nightmare to try to fit together 6 pieces correctly, so my man was smart and glued and clamped the horizontal piece, the flat ledge piece and the cove to make one large trim section. Then, all he had to do was make 2 cuts for each corner (1 for each side) instead of cutting 6. I now call him “Bob Vela”. The large trim piece was attached with liquid glue and finished with trim nails.

After everything was up, we had to fill the nail holes and mud up a few places that didn’t fit perfectly. Our motto around here is “Caulk and paint make it what it ain’t”! It’s waiting for it’s final coats of paint.

This was a fun first step in Project Master Bathroom. Can’t wait to show you when it’s finished!

Have you added any board and batten to your home? Tackled a bathroom project recently?

Shower Curtain – Master Bath

It always seems that when I don’t have time to write I have the most to say. So much to do and not enough time to do it. Can anyone relate to that? Thought so.

One thing I have been so thankful for the past month and a half is health. Despite the extreme busyness, we have remained healthy – all 4 of us. The Lord has been gracious and answered my prayers to keep us healthy and allow us to participate in all the things on our calendar. But now, Momma’s not feeling so hot. So, let’s talk about something fun, shall we?

We have finally found a shower curtain for our master bathroom. Woo-hoo! I had an idea in my head and I just could not find anything that was fitting the bill. And then on Saturday, I walked into Marshalls and BAM! a shelf full of shower curtains that I was finally excited about. I bought 4 different ones because I wanted my man to weigh in and because it was a must to see them in the space. Once we got all of them in the room I said no to one of them before we even opened it. So, it was down to three. Here they are in no particular order (the photos are a bit dark – I don’t feel like touching them up!):

shower curtain 3 shower curtain 2 shower curtain 1
A little red-headed assistant snuck into this photo. 🙂

Notice anything different in these bathroom shots from the house tour pictures?

So, as you can see, they are all graphic prints in grey on white. Similar, yet very different! We have our favorite and know which one we’re going to use, but feel free to let me know which one is your favorite! I can’t wait to choose a paint color and keep moving on this room!