Backyard Landscaping – Part 2

When we last left off in our adventure, we had set aside our shovels, rakes and mini rototiller and called in the big guns. Using a (pitiful) sketch, the design torch was passed from the amateur to the professionals. Professionals are awesome. So efficient with their fancy Bobcats and lifts and power tools. We worked with Murray Landscaping and I highly recommend them. They do free consultations, their quote was the lowest of the 3 companies I had out, and their work is exceptional.

As a reminder, here is the sketch I did. I know I told the landscape architect and her foreman at least 3 times not to laugh at me before I handed it over.

Backyard Sketch

In a nutshell, we wanted a loose rockwall with plants in between and “built-in” flower beds. Over on the left, about the 1/3 mark of the sketch, are stairs (steps?) that you can use to go from the flatter, grassy area up to the wooded area. You with me?

Remember the area that my Hubby and I tried to tackle ourselves?


Well, the pros are super smart and while they DID have shovels, they also had this:


They might have cleared the entire area in about 16.34 minutes. Bam. Machines are cool.

So, after clearing out all the junk and getting the terraced area pushed back where I wanted it, it was time to start placing the boulders to create our “loose” wall.

IMG_1678 IMG_1684

You can’t tell from the photos, but it was HOT outside. They work hard for their money. So hard for their money. We brought them ice water and big bowls of cut up watermelon during their breaks. And in return, we played on some heavy equipment.


We were so fortunate to have Kelly, the landscape architect, on-site while they worked. She was amazing. She would watch as they placed each boulder and would suggest rotating or flipping them to get just the right angle and placement. It was priceless to have her out there with her designer’s eye ensuring everything was looking great.

After the majority of one side of the wall was in, it was time for the stairs!

IMG_1685 IMG_1687

The crew and I walked up and down those bad boys about a dozen times each. We wanted to be sure they felt natural to use – don’t want anyone misstepping and taking a tumble! I love how they turned out.




Part 3 is coming up and I will show you how we finished it all up!

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