A bit of nothing…

No, no…I haven’t forgotten about this place. It’s just, it’s hard to write about life sometimes when you’re busy living it. And since this blog is more about sharing what brings me joy and no so much about keeping a posting schedule, I choose to not post. I’d like to say it’s because I am focused on quality over quantity, but it’s probably more of laziness and lack of things to say.

I don’t have any projects to share at the moment – despite the fact there are a few staring me down right now. They aren’t the priority even if I would like to get them finished or even started for that matter. Oh, I am totally loving my laundry basket dresser and so glad we made it.

Can anyone else relate to this? I have been super annoyed with myself. When I tell you why, I’m sure you’ll think it’s as silly as I do when I really give it perspective. The Photo A Day challenge I started in January…it makes me feel like a bad person. Why? Because I just can’t seem to get each day done. And once I miss one, well forget it. And really, why should I feel bad? Is there some rule or law about even participating? It’s supposed to be fun, right? Sometimes it’s just not fun though…sometimes it’s just a big pain in the rear to try to do what the prompt says. I mean, I sometimes don’t remember until I’m in bed and what am I going to to then, get up and go take a great picture of something lucky (day 4 of this month)? These pressures we put on ourselves that are tied to things that shouldn’t even hold any power over us are just plain silly! Am I right? Glad I got that off my chest…

The little one is loving her three half days at school. She is really enjoying her teacher and the other children. On my good days, I feel sad when I drop her off because I think we could have stuck it out, but I can see the bigger picture and know she’s in a great place. We’re getting all caught up or ahead at home and that feels wonderful. We’re already praying through and discussing our plans for next year. Thankfully, nothing has to be decided now.

I guess that’s it…I’ll be working on the 2nd part of our backyard landscaping and will hopefully get that posted this week!


4 thoughts on “A bit of nothing…

  1. ministrywifefamilylife

    I really want your laundry basket dresser :-). I am convinced it would make me keep up better (haha I might need more than a dresser, how about a maid?)!


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