Master Bathroom – Mirror Frame

Whew! It’s been a tough week for me and the ole’ blog. The combination of being busy and having a touch of writer’s block when I have had time to write has kept me from getting a post up, but today’s the day! Happy Friday!

It occurred to me yesterday that I still needed to tell you about the mirror frame “Bob Vela” built for our master bathroom. I mentioned it in my paint post and now it’s time to give you the details. I’ve tried to write this about 10 different times. It was a really easy project to do, much easier than trying to explain it for you! I want to tell you about it though because if you have a plain-jane mirror, you should considering framing it in! All 3 of our bathrooms have large builder-grade mirrors. I love the size, but not how they look. So, we got inspired from a variety of places on the web, specifically The House of Smiths framed mirror tutorial and did our thang.

Before building the frame, we had to take a few things into consideration in order to decide 1. the best way to attach the frame to the mirror and 2. how we wanted it to meet up with the board and batten we added on the wall to the left of the vanity/mirror.

master bathroom

As you can see from the above photo, the mirror meets up with the backsplash of the counter top. This meant we were going to have to attach the frame directly to the mirror across the bottom. But should we attach the frame directly to the mirror all the way around? Also, what to do about the clips holding the mirror?

If we attached the frame to the mirror all the way around, the horizontal boards of the board and batten would have had to stretch over the counter a bit to meet up with the mirror. It made everything look very uneven and strange. So we built a base around the 3 sides of the mirror so that everything could line up. I’ll let the next few (horrible iPhone) pictures do the talking.

IMG_2056 IMG_2058


See what I mean? I really hope so because I can’t seem to explain it any better. ha ha The space to the right and left of the mirror were even (thank you builder for centering the mirror) and were the exact same size as the boards we used for the battens. (Aka, we had extra so we had the materials we needed. Hooray!) Aside from making the spacing better, I liked using the base because it made it so we didn’t have to cover up as much of the mirror surface as we would have if we attached it directly to the mirror.

With the base built around it, “Bob” noticed the mirror wiggled in and out a bit when you pushed on it, so this is where we got super fancy. Insert folded cardboard here:


He shimmed it with folded cardboard and now it doesn’t move. Ta-da! (that little piece between the base)

Ok, for the frame itself. It’s built from trim and quarter round. We had to add the quarter round to the trim so that it was wide enough to cover the base and overlap the mirror a bit. I actually prefer it with the quarter round because it added a bit more detail.

IMG_2857 IMG_2858

To make life easier, my man attached the corner round to the trim with liquid nails so he could make clean and even cuts just like he did with the board and batten. Then he cut the 4 sides to size – measure twice, cut once!


Looks good on the floor….not how about on the mirror?


The bottom, which had to be attached to the mirror, got some liquid nails. It was also secured by a few finishing nails on the corners where it overlapped onto the base on the sides. The rest of the pieces are held into place with finishing nails. Oh, and those clips on the mirror? They didn’t end up being a problem. We just put the board right over them. We thought we might have to notch out places for them to fit into the trim, but we didn’t have to!


A little painter’s tape helped us hold pieces in place while we worked our way around. Looking at the above photo, I guess we used liquid nails on the other pieces too. This baby isn’t going anywhere! (The wall color looks like it matches the tape – it doesn’t!)


This is the edge where the frame meets up with the board and batten.

Mirror Frame

And here she is in all her (unpainted) glory! SO much better!! We’re planning to build these for the other 2 bathrooms in the house.

Next step is filling the nail holes and seams and then giving it a finish coat of paint along with the rest of the board and batten. We’re getting closer!!

2 thoughts on “Master Bathroom – Mirror Frame

  1. Deb

    What a great idea! I wish I had thought of that before my builder ordered the mirror for our cottage. I think the paint color we picked out for that bathroom is the same color as yours! It’s beautiful and we love it! See you when we get home from Africa!

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