Gardening, Oh How I Love Thee

It is still very much winter where we live, but that doesn’t mean I can’t be daydreaming of Spring and all the fun it brings. I won’t even let myself dwell on the fact that it could still be 2 months before spring-like weather is here to stay. No-siree, not going to think about that!


Hydrangeas from my garden. The color is totally natural!

Working in the yard is my happy place. Getting my hands in the dirt and working in my flower beds and around the yard is like good medicine for me. I love to create a beautiful yard with a mix of annual and perennial flowers and plants, pots, planters and beds, and a lot of color.

New Guinea Impatiens

New Guinea Impatiens with Coleus

I haven’t always loved gardening. In fact, I chuckle as I think back to the first Spring we were in our last house. I agreed with my gardening Mother that we needed to plant some flowers but I knew NOTHING. Annual? Perennial? Say what? So that first year, I followed my Mom around the greenhouses as she picked out my plants, occasionally weighing in on what I wanted based strictly on what flowers looked like. We brought everything home and she showed me how to plant them. Much to my surprise, I kept everything alive and happy. I found a lot of satisfaction wandering around the yard looking at how things had grown and bloomed. The next Spring, I was so excited to plant again and I realized that gardening had officially rubbed off on me. We lived in our last house through 6 planting seasons and with every year, I grew to love gardening and flowers more and more.

Mixed Planter

A mixed planter: Lantana, salvia, dusty miller, calibrochia, sweet potato vine

I think daydreaming about a beautiful garden is just what I need to get through this stretch of winter. So, I’ll be posting more about our yard and some large and small projects we did this past Summer after we bought the house. I also have a couple of projects I am looking forward to starting when warm weather arrives that I am excited to share.

Do you love to work in your garden? Do you have a green thumb or stick to plants of the artificial variety?

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