Shower Curtain – Master Bath

It always seems that when I don’t have time to write I have the most to say. So much to do and not enough time to do it. Can anyone relate to that? Thought so.

One thing I have been so thankful for the past month and a half is health. Despite the extreme busyness, we have remained healthy – all 4 of us. The Lord has been gracious and answered my prayers to keep us healthy and allow us to participate in all the things on our calendar. But now, Momma’s not feeling so hot. So, let’s talk about something fun, shall we?

We have finally found a shower curtain for our master bathroom. Woo-hoo! I had an idea in my head and I just could not find anything that was fitting the bill. And then on Saturday, I walked into Marshalls and BAM! a shelf full of shower curtains that I was finally excited about. I bought 4 different ones because I wanted my man to weigh in and because it was a must to see them in the space. Once we got all of them in the room I said no to one of them before we even opened it. So, it was down to three. Here they are in no particular order (the photos are a bit dark – I don’t feel like touching them up!):

shower curtain 3 shower curtain 2 shower curtain 1
A little red-headed assistant snuck into this photo. 🙂

Notice anything different in these bathroom shots from the house tour pictures?

So, as you can see, they are all graphic prints in grey on white. Similar, yet very different! We have our favorite and know which one we’re going to use, but feel free to let me know which one is your favorite! I can’t wait to choose a paint color and keep moving on this room!

12 thoughts on “Shower Curtain – Master Bath

  1. Daneen

    #3. I love it!! It is my favorite because it is not like all of the other boring shower curtains out there. It is striking, unusual, and elegant. #2 is my second favorite. I would love #1, but since I have seen the others, it seems too plain for my taste.

  2. Dana

    I like #2 and #3! What is going on with your floor is there? Plain or some pattern? How about your vanity…is it dark or light? Just wondering…a girl has to know all the details before making a final decision you know:).

  3. Dana

    Sorry, I meant to say, “What is going on with your floor ‘in’ there?” I think I had just better go to bed for today…

    1. Katie Post author

      WELL, :), the floor is not my favorite and I hope it doesn’t have to stay too long. It’s a basic beige/brown tile looking linoleum (yuck). The vanity is dark – the same as our kitchen cabinets, with a solid white marble top. You’ll get a better look when I show the pics of the wall treatment we put up.

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