The 3 B’s

A few years back, I was going to counseling to help gain perspective on some trials I was experiencing. My very wise counselor said that we walk through each day in one of three ways: “Blessings, Bummers and Boredom.” I loved it then and I still love it today.

He raised his hand up high when he said “Blessings”. These are the exciting, breath-taking, once in a lifetime moments of our life. The rare and memorable. Don’t you just love them? The “Bummers” are obvious – while equally memorable and impactful, they are the hard times, dare I say devastating? He lowered his hand to his knees. I felt like I was in a Bummer for sure. And then he explained “Boredom” as he extended his hand out directly in front of him. Most of our life is spent here, strolling along with the day to day tasks and to-dos of life. Of course these days of our life are only as boring as we allow them to be, but you get the point he was making. Each of our lives have Blessings and Bummers, but for the most part, we coast along at Boredom. I suppose it’s what makes the Blessings so sweet and what makes us grateful the Bummers are few and far between (at least I hope so).

The past 3 weeks have been a ping pong match between Blessings and Bummers for my family. For awhile there, I didn’t know if I was coming or going emotionally. It’s a weird thing to be laughing when you’re crying (not to be confused with crying because you are laughing).

The most notable collision between Blessing and Bummer was the celebration of our 10th wedding anniversary and the death of my dearly loved Great Uncle Ken, both on January 4th. We knew the end of his long life was near (he was 93) and had even postponed our anniversary trip at one point assuming he would pass away, requiring us to turn around and come back. But family encouraged us to go and we were so glad we did!

We had two AMAZING days, filled to the brim with all things Blessing. I updated my Facebook status relaying that I felt as if I was floating on air with happiness. It truly was amazing – hand way up in the air Blessing. We were still having a wonderful time when we got the call and I went numb. Bummers are good at that aren’t they? But after a few hours and reminding ourselves of what Uncle Ken would have wanted us to do, we celebrated the night like we had planned and had a wonderful time. Sounds weird to say, but we really did. We spent another day and a half away, life shadowed by our loss, but we made the most of it. We arrived back home to busyness of visitations and the funeral.

Life is just funny sometimes. I told someone yesterday, about my Uncle’s funeral, how it’s so weird that something can be so hard and so good at the same time. A Bummer covered with Blessings perhaps?

Life is moving on and I truly hope we quickly get back into the swing of things around here. I could use a little Boredom if you know what I mean. 🙂 I don’t know what you’ve been going through, but at the very least I hope you are having days of Boredom spiked with a lot of little Blessings!

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