Photo A Day: January 2013

Happy New Year!

I’m not big on New Year’s resolutions, but I have decided to give something a try that I think will be a lot fun and a little bit of a challenge. Are you on Instagram? I love it and think it’s such a fun way to capture photos. I’ve seen a handful of people participating in a photo of the day group started by a blogger and she’s got it all starting again for 2013. You can read more about it on her site. This isn’t a typical “resolution”, but I like the idea of capturing something each day and I think that at the end of the year it will be so cool to look back at all the pictures. If you don’t have Instagram, be sure to look at the link I posted so you can see other ways you can participate!

The short explanation is that each day of the month (I’ll hopefully stick with it for all of 2013!) she gives a prompt for a photo to share with the hashtag #fmsphotoaday. Below are her prompts for January.


Today, literally the day 1 prompt, I did nothing but a whole lot of laundry and packing for a trip my hubs and I are taking for our 10 year anniversary (more on that later!) I had to get the girlies packed in addition to us, so it made for quite a day – and there are only 4 of us! SO, here is my Day 1 photo:

January day 1

I think I’ll be sharing my photos on a weekly basis here on the ‘ole blog. Let me know if you are going to participate in #fmsphotoaday. I’d love to see what you’re capturing!

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